Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 2: Not quite into it

Well it's the end of day 2 and I can't say I'm quite yet in the swing of Slimming World as my diet was identical to yesterdays, however I have a new excuse prepared!

Today I urgently needed to go to the bank during my lunch break to transfer money to England to repay bills and such, I was meant to transfer it 5 days ago but had forgotten about it up to now, so this was the priority of the day. Now there are only two places I can access at lunch that sell jacket potatoes, or I thought so at least - One is a 20 minute walk there and back, so with only an hour for lunch I could only really go there if I had a clear hour so there would be time to order and eat, given that I needed to go to the bank (which usually takes forever with the queues in Irish banks), this was not an option.

So, my plan was to go to the little cafe next door to work, order my jacket potato, go to the bank and then collect the potato on my way back - Disaster strikes! They no longer sell jacket potatoes.

This ended with me grabbing a tuna baguette & pack of Snack-a-Jacks again today as the shop that makes fresh sandwiches is conveniently opposite the bank.

I am pleased to report however that I did have a Mullerlight yogurt for breakfast (which is something you're allowed unlimited amounts of on Slimming World), and on returning from work I had 3 further Mullerlights for dinner, so again, although the day didn't go according to plan, it wasn't awful (I didn't go to KFC next door to the sandwich shop for example!)

Now the bank is done though it means that I have the entire lunch hour to myself in future and I know that I need to go to the cafe that's a little further if I want a jacket potato, so that little cafe is about to become my sanctuary everyday where the greatest threat will be a coleslaw attack! Oh and if you're curious as to why I appear to have a jacket potato obsession, it's because I do really well on Slimming World green days and on green days you can have (for the most part) unlimited vegetables (including baked beans), fruit, a few other random bits (like Mullerlights), pasta and potatoes! So of course, one of the easiest and tastiest lunches you can find while in this diet if you're out and about is a massive jacket potato smothered in beans with a huge side salad.

Starting to feel a little odd that I'm talking to myself in these posts with zero followers, however in fairness my posts today have been insanely boring and have only really discussed my lunch, if only life was more exciting eh? I imagine my posts will be considerably more exciting at weekends when I've had time to venture to the gym and have relevant fitness topics to discuss, like how many times on average I think about suicide during a spin class, so roll on weekend I guess!

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