Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 21: The good, the bad & the ugly

Well, the sabotage came, it saw and it conquered. Though while it may have won the battle, it has not won the war! For I am here, fresh as a daisy and posting an update.

The shenanigans that were contained within Day 20 (sabotage day) started with good intentions. Knowing I would later be drinking quite a lot, I started the day with a Mullerlight and for lunch had a chicken salad sandwich on Wholemeal bread (which is fine for a Slimming World red day, so at this stage, I hadn't done anything wrong). Knowing what happened last week when I went out drinking (the pizza the next day), I decided to try to prevent that by buying a microwavable panini, so that when I woke today with a hangover I could just throw that in the microwave and eat around 400 calories, rather than order a pizza that would have been closer to 2500 calories.

So it was all looking good, I had a chicken sandwich in my belly to cushion the alcohol blow, I had a hangover snack prepared in order to attempt damage control the next morning and when my friends cake was cut I even said no to that too. This was "the good".

Then the alcohol started. I had a fabulous night and danced a fair amount, not quite the dancing I aspire to be doing (the sweatless type), but nevertheless, I had fun. By the time I got home though I was really quite drunk (you know that point where you sit down and suddenly you're dizzy? Indeed). To make matters worse, I had uncontrollable munchies, so the panini was devoured then and there. Due to the state I was in by the time I got home, yesterdays blog post was also missed altogether (never a good sign). This was "the bad".

I woke up today hungover and paniniless, my judgement momentarily lapsed and before I knew it I'd forgotten to weigh in and had a pizza in front of me. This was "the ugly".

Now I weighed in sneakily a couple of days ago and I was on track to lose 4 or 5lbs this week, however given the panini and pizza this weekend I'm worried that I'll either stay the same, or worse, gain. A result like this will really knock me back and make me feel pretty negative for a few days which isn't going to help anyone, so I've made the decision not to weigh-in. This might sound like denial, but it's not. I'm not in denial, I accept that I've potentially gained, it's just that I also accept that ignorance as to whether this is a fact will be more beneficial with getting me back on track.

Thankfully that was the last social event that I had to go to in some time, the next one is in about 4 weeks now so I've got plenty of time without sabotage, to recover fully and knock out a good 15 to 20 pounds in losses if I play my cards right.

Of course, I'm now straight back on the plan. I'm disappointed that I've missed a post and a weigh-in however pleased that it should be smooth sailing for the next month. Let's get this weight moving again.


  1. Okay, I've just got to say, you have such a great way of writing, that you can make even the good, bad, and the ugly sound funny!

    Planning for a hangover? Hungerover and paniniless? You had me in stitches.

    Seriously though, I can see you really were trying to make better choices, and tried to plan in advance. For that I applaud you.

    And now you are smarter, more experienced, and can make better choices NEXT time. :-)

    You can do this!

  2. Awww, you always find a way to bring out the positive in even the most negative situations - Thanks Loretta!