Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 11: The skinny jeans told me to think again

A friend of mine visited this evening after work and we ended up getting a bit distracted and before I knew it, I found myself retiring to my bedroom at 1am before even blogging! As such (and because I'm very tired) this will be quite short and sweet (I wasn't going to post at all but remembered my promise to post daily!).

Not a bad day but started to get concerned that I'm not eating enough and it's not my fault! OK it is a bit, but it's not intentional! I'm not trying to starve myself, etc, I want to eat three large (where possible) Slimming World meals a day and snack on lovely fruit and Mullerlights but I just keep forgetting to buy enough shopping! This combined with the fact that I would prefer to go hungry then break my diet has meant if I don't have the right foods available, I have admittedly then skipped a meal or two.

Today I had no fruit or Mullerlights (which, are not Miller lights! :-p They're these low-fat yoghurts - they sponsor Sex and the City! :-p), so in the absence of these breakfast essentials I didn't have anything to eat this morning - but I did make up for it with a large healthy lunch and dinner.

Worryingly, I did start feeling a little light headed earlier today with nothing for dinner last night and no breakfast this morning, need to make sure I do bigger shops at the weekend! Also, and completely unrelated, I'm starting to get those horrible irritable bits on my inner thighs now where they start complaining that you've awoken them from their slumber after months of inactivity - not good! (Maybe I'm the only one that gets this?)

Looking forward to my weekend (as today was my last day at work) and can't wait to get in that gym!

OH! I have some good news too! I went down one belt notch comfortably today! In fact, I ended up wearing it two notches lower! (a little less comfortable with it two notches tighter but still not bad actually). Very exciting stuff - in view of this I thought I might have gone down a jean size too so I excitedly tried on my smaller jeans about 10 minutes ago, then gave up at my thighs and less excitedly peeled them back off. Oh well, baby steps!

I may have been a bit naughty this evening too and had a quick weigh-in on the Wii Fit. Since 4 days ago I have lost a further 3lbs so far, however that's wearing jeans (normally I'm in silk PJs when I weigh-in), and at night after eating during the day (where as normally I weigh-in first thing in the morning) - So I anticipate the loss is actually closer to 6lbs, therefore hopefully by weigh day I'll have had another half a stone loss (7lbs) to add to the story so far!

Going to dash now as am literally falling asleep at my keyboard, will have to do double blog reading tomorrow to see how everyone else is doing ^_^

Breakfast: Nothing
Lunch: Jacket potato with 28g Cheese & Beans and a side salad
Dinner: Slimming World "chips" with roasted parsnips and 5x Quorn sausages.


  1. Wooo, go you! I'm interested in hearing how you do on Saturday! Fingers crossed!

  2. i love muller lights... need to buy some actually. thanks for reminding me! i love the belt notch decrease. way to go.