Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 10: Note to self: Remember to eat

As every day flies past now I just feeling like I'm getting more and more pumped with motivation (a considerable amount of that motivation I know is so clearly sourced directly from this blog and blogs of others I might add) - It's a great feeling. I feel like I've had one of those eureka moments where suddenly you know exactly what to do, you start doing it and everything's just plain sailing.

Guess what! The flannel in a bowl idea totally worked out. My alarm went off at 6:30am, I didn't feel like I really needed any more sleep I just wanted it, so I reluctantly wiped my face with the wet flannel by my bed and POW! I was awake. By 6:32am I was out of bed and reading the time from my computers clock while scrolling through a blog or two. How good is that!?

This means that the gym did indeed happen this morning before work - I didn't have a lot of time so I did a 30 minute interval-based weight loss workout on the cross-trainer and then a quick 10 minutes on the rowing machine before hitting the Jacuzzi (which, by the way, there is always time for). I then strolled off to work dropping my gym bag at home on the way and arrived 5 minutes prior to my shift starting - Perfect! What's even better is I don't feel in the least bit more tired for this endeavor, if anything, it put me in the better mood for the rest of the day knowing that I'd achieved something ^_^

I'll admit though, I haven't been great on the diet today. Don't get me wrong I haven't cheated or eaten anything bad, but... well... I don't think I've really eaten enough to keep my metabolism rocking and rolling. I didn't have time in the morning because I needed to dash out if I was going to squeeze in a workout so I just grabbed a low-fat yoghurt and ate it on the way, at lunch I was good as we went to our potato cafe and had the usual, however when I got home I really couldn't be bothered to make anything tonight so I just had another Mullerlight and disappeared to my bedroom and the world of bloggery.

I also noticed that I have no fruit or Mullerlights left, which means I don't actually have anything to eat before work tomorrow - I was thinking about another workout in the morning but I definitely won't be doing that on an empty stomach.

As I walked through the kitchen earlier I was very tempted to weigh myself on the Wii Fit but managed to stop myself as I don't want to be disappointed. With such a huge loss last week, I wouldn't be surprised or even that disappointed if I gain a little or maintain this week while my body questions what the hell I'm playing at (...ok I lie, I would be disappointed, but it would still be an average of 8lbs a week over 2 weeks so I couldn't complain) - We'll just have to weight and see what happens when it's scales time on Saturday I guess! (Did you like that? Weight and see? I know, tragic.)

EGG WHITES! Before I forget, I wanted to share something I've learnt today. I was reading Seans blog earlier and he mentioned that he had eaten an egg white omlette. I hear people now and again speaking about not eating the yolk but have never bothered to investigate why they don't, however this post prompted me to do some searching. I found this article about Egg Whites Vs Whole Eggs. I'm never eating a whole egg again. As you may have noticed I have quite a lot of omlettes (because Slimming World allows unlimited eggs), and I can't believe the amount of calories and cholesterol you save simply by only using the egg white! Crazy. Anyway that was a little off course but I just wanted to get it out there in case you didn't know (as I didn't!).

Lot's of new blogs cropping up that I've been discovering which is very exciting ^_^ Whilst it's fantastic to follow the posts of experienced bloggers and motivating to see how much they've achieved, it's also nice to be able to follow someones progress from the very start, so I'm looking forward to reading those - By the way, on the topic of blogging, I really would like one of those blogrolls that automatically lists the blogs you follow, that puts the bloggers in order of when they last posted... but I don't know how to get one. Is that a widget that I can't find? If anyone knows, I'd love to find out!

Anywho, time to disappear back into other peoples blogs, I'll leave you with my (very short, granted) food summary:

Breakfast: 1x Mullerlight
Lunch: Jacket potato with 28g cheese & beans and a side salad
Dinner: 1x Mullerlight


  1. LOL I thought of you this morning! I could NOT get up!! I fell asleep at midnight and 5 hours seemed to fly! Congrats on YOU doing it though!

  2. Hey hope all is well and I think I am going to be trying that flannel in the bowl trick as me getting out of bed in the morning is like a bear in it's den. Question though what is a Mullerlight I see you reference in your blogs and it makes me laugh because I am usually reading quick and I am thinking you had a Miller Light and I am like wow a beer for breakfast how brillant and how can I get on that diet *laughs*. Well thanks for following me today and I hope to stay motivated and keep moving forward. I can honestly say that I have not been this excited in a long time. Well I guess I better get to bed now or I might just throw the alarm clock across the room and hit it with the flannel.

  3. LOL i like the flannel bowl idea. i may need it. totally need a hand with waking up in the morning. i hate getting out of bed.

    i never weigh in on the wii fit. it hates me!

  4. I think the Wii Fit hates everyone, the worst part is when it actually says "ouch" when you stand on it!

    Monica & Fluffy - I'm telling you, the flannel works, try it!

    Eat & Be Merry! - Mullerlights are amazing - http://www.mullerdairy.co.uk/our-products/m%C3%BCllerlight%C2%AE-yogurt - honestly, I really do swear by them :-)