Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 14: Forgive me bloggers, for I have synned.

Hey hey! Finally a moment to sit down and blog - We've got a lot of catching up to do!

So as you may know I went out yesterday evening and wondered whether I'd feel different - I can confirm I truly did. Only 25lbs lost and the difference is already huge, other people were sweating, while I was in a club still wearing my leather jacket, and not perspiring at all. Granted, once I hit the dance floor, the sweat situation did rapidly and dramatically come back with a vengeance, but for that first hour in there I felt fabulous!

I was overjoyed all night. On other nights out over the past 2 months I've been miserable, wanted to go home, on a couple of occasions ended up getting so depressed that I've almost had a break down - however not last night. Last night I was happy, socialable, one of my work colleagues who has only lived here a few months was with me and even said "Wow, I haven't really met 'Happy Joe' before" - so other people definitely noticed too, we visited the club my flatmate works at and she said she could tell I was clearly a lot happier than I had been in the past.

Over all it was a really enjoyable experience and it was a taste of things to come I think,it reminded me that I do love going out, I just hate going out while fat, which has motivated me further.

However, this experience came at a price. That price was a huge amount of alcohol (wine and vodka w/diet coke), and a hangover pizza today (I hadn't eaten at all prior and even managed to turn down fast food munchies after the club kicked out, in spite of everyone else I was with grabbing burgers, so the situation really could have been a lot worse).

I'd like to declare though that it was my choice to pick up the phone and order a pizza, my hangover didn't do it for me, and it was my choice to eat it when it arrived. It was my choice to keep the drink flowing at the speed it did and my choice to continue drinking alcohol. I'm owning those decisions and I enjoyed the night. Tomorrow I will make the choice to eat healthily because this experience, while temporarily detrimental to my weight, has only further reinforced my desire to lose the weight. This is not over, in fact it's not even begun.

I mentioned yesterday that before going out we saw Resident Evil 3D - My advice? Don't bother. I was so excited about 3D Zombies however even the 3D effects were unable to compensate for such a horrifically poor plot (absolutely no clue how it has 7.8 on IMDB at the moment). That brings me to the last Syn I must confess (I know, it's been a really naughty weekend!) - Popcorn. I was trying to find a Syn value for Popcorn to work out whether I could work it in to my diet (bit pointless in retrospect, given the alcohol/pizza situation afterward), however even with the Syn value both myself and the cinema guy had no idea how many grams of popcorn were in the box so it couldn't be calculated - regardless, I threw caution to the wind and had a medium popcorn with a diet coke.

So all in all people, my Syn Binge wraps up as follows:

1x Medium Popcorn
1x Medium Pizza
1x Small Garlic Bread (w/ the Pizza)
Alcohol estimates: 1.5ltr white wine, 100ml vodka

I don't even regret it if I'm honest, I chose to allow some treats in order to have a good weekend, I did have a good weekend, I still lost a huge amount of weight and I'm choosing a Mullerlight when I wake up tomorrow.

On to another topic - Waxing. NEVER again. Paracetamol just wasn't enough for a full chest, back & arms wax, next time I want nothing less than an epidural. 75 minutes of continuous pain - I've had my back done before so had an idea of what to expect but the chest was just so much worse.

To make matters worse, because my chest hadn't been waxed before the hairs were a lot stronger than normal so a lot broke rather than being pulled out, which basically means I still have bits of hair! What's the point in getting a wax if you're left with hair!? Not only this, but I'm also covered in a wax-type-rash (just redness where the hair was ripped out), and my body is doing it's very best to rebel against the recent torture by covering my chest in spots.

Not only was it agony, ugly for 35 (and counting) hours afterward and incomplete (in that hairs remain), but I had to pay 70 euros for the privilege! Could have had a lovely massage instead! Definitely not happening again - if shaving is good enough for professional fitness models, it's good enough for me.

Grrrr. Waste of money. Anyway, on to something more positive. Todays weigh-in! I didn't actually get to bed until around 6am last night and as you may have guessed from the alcohol consumption, the hangover was pretty intense today. As such, when I woke up a few hours after going to bed, I really didn't want to make a blog post or go downstairs to my Wii - but I did, because I wanted the weigh-in to be accurate. This also explains why it was such a short post!

What a result eh? Over 9lbs lost! This also includes the Popcorn and all the alcohol! As I ordered the pizza a little later, that was after my weigh-in, so that will be taken into consideration next week. I'm hoping for a loss of maybe 5lbs this week to go over the 30lb mark, fingers crossed!


  1. You go! I am glad you had a great night out and really enjoyed yourself. I can't wait to get to that point as my husband and I use to go to the clubs all the time and listen to the bands and dance - not so much since I have hit my heaviest weight. Congrats on the not sweating - always a good feeling (LOL) - well unless you are working out. OMG on the waxing event - makes me think of 'The Forty Year Old Virgin' (funny movie) with Steven Carell when the took him to get waxed. I hope you have recovered well from a great evening and look forward to ready more. Keep up the good work!

  2. It is so heartening to read this post. Yay to bloody enjoying your life and owning your bad decisions. KUDOS.

    apologies I did lol at the epidural comment. too funny. It also did remind of the forty year old virgin.

    hope your loss is catching!

  3. Haha, thanks guys! I wasn't quite as hairy as the 40 year old virgin, I promise >_>