Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 15: Just another manic monday

When you work for the company I work for, shifts are crazy and real days don't mean anything anymore (because everyone you know also has crazy shifts) - thus you rename the days of the week depending on when you personally start your working week. As my first working day after the weekend is Sunday, Sunday automatically becomes Monday - And oh what a Monday it has been.

It's gone past midnight, we're already in to Tuesday (which is really Monday, keeping up?) and I've only just finished my chores and been able to sit down for a moments reset. I was up at the crack of dawn and off to work for an 11 hour shift, got back home around 9.30pm and had to cook dinner for me and my friend (as he's so impressed by my weight loss that he wants to eat exactly what I eat for 2 weeks and is apparently incapable of cooking it himself), then I had to wash up everything that the household had accrued (from both before, during and after dinner). The bin was overflowing so that needed emptying and replacing and by the time that was done my laundry finished so that needed hanging up. before I could hang it up my flatmates and my own drying clothes needed taking down and removing. You get the picture. And here I am, 30 minutes past midnight - In 8 hours time I will need to wake up and go to work to start it all again. I am the exhausted mother of this house which leaves very little time for blogging you know, but we must persist!

Anyway, that's my little moan over - Now on to the day. Lunch was a bit problematic. As you may recall from previous posts, the jacket potato cafe is closed on Sunday so I grab a baguette, however today the place that sells those had also closed early so we had to go to a nearby sandwich cafe. I had a relatively healthy lunch opting for a chicken salad sandwich (with no crisps/naughty treats on the side as they didn't do anything as low fat as Snack-a-Jacks), so it wasn't too bad. From tomorrow we're back on the potatoes and the wheels will be well and truly rolling once more.

It was a little more difficult than usual to make good choices today, which I think is normal after a day of poor choices, however I certaintly haven't continued off the rails and I'd say we're on track for another decent loss this week - 5lbs would be great as that will put me above 30lbs lost in 3 weeks (crazy numbers, I know >_>).

Now if you don't mind I'm making a swift exit tonight to try to catch up on sleep, I'm hoping if I go to bed now that tomorrow evening the washing up won't have grown in my absence, there won't be any more urgent laundry and I'll therefore have an opportunity to sit down and go through some other blogs (as I feel guilty if other people read mine while I'm a few days behind on theirs >_>) - Before I do disappear though, I'll leave you with a quick food summary:

Breakfast: Mullerlight
Lunch: Chicken & Salad Sandwich (oh and there was some bacon in it too I think)
Dinner: Slimming World chips, 3x Quorn sausages & mushy peas


  1. Wow, you have some crazy schedule! Good job on the lunch choice.

    I saw on Sean's blog Saturday that he gave you a mention... how fun!!


  2. Indeed! Spotted that myself, my first mention (for this blog at least) from a big blogger, exciting stuff ^_^