Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 23: Just popping through

It's just a very fleeting post today as real life has taken over a bit!

House was a complete state and I felt bad that my flat mate starts her weekend and tomorrow and was doing so in such a messy house so as soon as I got back from work I tidied and swept the kitchen, sorted the bins, did the washing up and then my laundry - By the time this was all finished it's taken me to 11:30pm. Normally this would be fine, however today my boss has asked me to prepare a presentation and I'd really like to put a decent amount of effort in to it so I want to immediately crack on with working on that tonight so it's ready quickly, as such I don't have time to post properly but just wanted to let you know where I was!

Today I've been relatively good, the only bad thing is that I haven't eaten enough. I woke up with no shopping in the house so skipped breakfast, had my usual lunch and haven't had time for dinner (due to the above chores) so I'm really slacking on keeping my metabolism awake - I get paid on Friday though and will do a big shop to stop this from happening again though very, very soon! Will likely be busy tomorrow evening with this presentation as well but I'm sure you understand, thinking of you!

Breakfast: Nothing
Lunch: Jacket potato with 28g cheese & bean and a side salad
Dinner: Nothing


  1. I sure know what you mean about getting our eating schedules messed up... it was almost evening before I ate much today! But you are right about it interfering with our metabolisms. I guess we both need to work on getting our meals in a little more evenly spaced. This coming week can be better for both of us. :-)

    We can do this!

  2. Just popping to see if you are okay?? Just busy I hope.

    My best to you,