Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 4: Nothing to Report

Well, today was much the same as the three days prior in that it was another 11 hour shift and I'm afraid my work days are going to be the boring blogs days as I really don't have time to do anything other than eat, sleep and work!

Looking forward to tomorrow and going to the gym with my friend though! It will be the first time I've been to the gym in a month or two so I'm a little nervous (which sounds crazy considering this time two years ago I was working at a gym) - I think that's normal. It's normal right? If you've had a long time off you just feel guilty and worried about going back, silly things like being concerned that the staff will be thinking about the fact they haven't seen you in a long time as you pass them on the walk shame to the changing rooms? Maybe it's just me but it puts me off.

In fact, I'm ashamed to admit it, but I had intended to go last Saturday (the same day I made my first blog post about sweat), however this fear managed to prevent my visit! I guess it's good that I've arranged to meet my friend tomorrow to go with her as I'll have someone else holding my hand for my first trip back, although I'll no doubt be pretending that it's me supporting her tomorrow, between you and me, it will totally be the other way round.

Food time! Although I don't want to continuously blog about what I've eaten each day (as if I were reading someones blog where all they talk about is what they've eaten, I wouldn't be reading it very long), I do want to keep a record of what I eat for myself just so I can look back at my good weeks and bad weeks to assess what I was doing differently, consider it a food diary for my own reference that you can access should you wish to. What I think I'm going to do though, so I don't bore people with my food diary who aren't all that interested, is start posting what I've eaten in a little summary so that people can skip it. Anyway, without further ado, here is todays summary:

Breafkast: Nothing (I know, I know, I'm terrible)
Lunch: Went for a jacket potato but they were out! Had to have a vegetarian breakfast instead (mushrooms, tomato, beans, egg, potato) - all of those I'm allowed unlimited amounts of with Slimming World however the oil they were cooked in is obviously not so good, although I did ask them to use as little as possible!
Dinner: Reduced cheese omlette with Slimming World chips and 4 Quorn sausages
Dessert: Mullerlight

Not all that bad, really should have had breakfast but I just find it so difficult to find the time on these shifts - Must start making the time regardless though - need to keep my stove burning!

Really looking forward to Sundays weigh-in to see how I've done after my first week, I reckon my gym visits over the next 3 days may give unpredictable results but we shall see, anyway, time for bed!

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