Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 13: Apologies

Apologies are due! I've promised for the last two days a decent blog-catch up and for the third and final day I'm going to have to ask for another rain check!

I went to the gym and did a good work-out earlier (about an hour on the cross-trainer and a 15 minute row), then had my all over body wax (details on pain, screaming and hostages will come tomorrow), then met up with a few friends to watch the new Resident Evil 3D at the cinema (opinions on that, also to follow) - After that they wanted to go for a few drinks. I really would have preferred beer and knew I should really have water or vodka & diet coke, so I negotiated a little and had 2x small glasses of wine, sipped and enjoyed them thoroughly. I feel given I've been good all week that this negotiation was fair.

I then came home intending to have a blogaphon (as previously discussed) and have seen a last minute Facebook invite to a friends leaving do this evening, she had her last day at the company I work for today and is having her goodbye drinks tonight and it started 40 minutes ago! I really feel obliged to go as in the past she has been quite a good friend, not just some casual work aquaintance, but I wanted to do a quick post to explain where I was before going out.

Tomorrow I only have the gym planned, no social engagements, no lunches, and even if either of those invitations crop up, no money! Thus I know I will definitely have the time tomorrow to catch up. I could have just not posted at all and then explained myself tomorrow but I really want to stick to my "post everyday" rule as I know if I start abandoning it now I'll very soon be falling down a slippery slope as I did with my previous blog and that is NOT going to happen.

It''s weigh in for week 2 tomorrow morning and I'm really excited - not only that but this evening will be the first time I've been out since prior to my "Sweat" post... I wonder if I notice a difference in how I feel.

Now to jump in the shower (in spite of the beauticians request that I don't shower for 24 hours as I could get some sort of infection in the open pores) - There's no way I'm going out with dry wax all over my body!

Will catch up (and post a food summary) tomorrow, must dash, hope you're all on track!

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