Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 12: Shattered

Absolutely shattered. Today has been a bit of a crazy one - from the second I woke up I was off out the house and off to the gym and I've only just stopped being busy (at half midnight). To make matters worse, due to a salon appointment tomorrow my work out needs to be earlier than usual so I'm going to have to wake up early too, during my weekend of all days!

I made a crazy decision today, I decided in spite of only just starting my weight-loss journey that I'm going to start learning to love my body from now. A part of this I impulsively decided to book a full body was for tomorrow at 1.30pm in the spa at my gym.

It was a completely spur-of-the-moment decision and I can't back out of it now as canceling with under 24 hours notice means paying the entire fee regardless, so I may as well do it - It's for my back, chest and upper arms, can't wait! Not looking forward to the pain (at all), I've been told it will take about 2 HOURS! That's right, 2 hours of flesh-ripping torture. But once it's over I'll have a lovely smooth body to take to the Jacuzzi in future and by the time the hair grows back (4 to 6 weeks or so), I should have a significantly smaller body to get waxed the next time round!

I think I'm going to be extremely self-conscious tomorrow having a beautician wax my chest as Jabba is very much still alive and kicking, but really it's a confidence building exercise and it's something I wouldn't have done 2 weeks ago so I think this is some pretty sharp psychological progress!

I know I intended to catch up with the blogs I follow today but unforeseen circumstances (primarily shopping and cleaning) have kept me up later than I expected and exhausted me, so I'm going to disappear to bed and then tomorrow evening I have a good few hours available to sit down and re-connect with blogger, which will be great!

Another down side of such a busy day (well, or a good side, depending on how you look at it), is that I haven't really had time to cook. I went to Wagamama prior to the gym however that, I'm afraid, is all I've eaten today - BUT I did go shopping on the way home from the gym and my fridge is now stocked up, therefore appropriate food is now available for all meals over the next few days and I'll be able to stop all this meal skipping nonsense! I'm off to catch up on sleep before my early start tomorrow, before I go I'll leave you with my food summary:

Breakfast: Nothing >_>
Lunch: Yasai Yaki Soba & Soy Sauce, then Low-Fat Frozen Yoghurt with Berries
Dinner: Nothing <_<

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