Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 9: Did you hear that? DAY NINE.

I know Day 9 isn't quite something brag about while other blogs are well past Day 700, however what I mean is "Wow! Doesn't time fly!" - Those 9 days really have flown by which is great as normally I find while dieting time just drags as slowly as it can. Clearly I'm enjoying the start of this journey which is good news ^_^ It takes 30 days to break a habit they say (and some others disagree, but for the sake of argument, let's just accept this suggestion), so that means in 3 weeks time my new healthy eating should be second nature and old eating habits slowly will start becoming a thing of the past.. in theory!

Today we managed to reserve our jacket potatoes with the cafe to make sure they didn't sell out (as we get lunch quite late), which they were happy to do - they were even happy to weigh the cheese and make sure it was 28 grams (the exact amount allowed in Slimming World as a "Healthy A" option), how great is that for Customer Service? We're going back tomorrow and I have a feeling I'm going to be going there every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday lunch time for a very long time to come!

I still have the gym dilemma but earlier on at work I started really feeling like I needed a work out and made the decision that I would go tomorrow morning. However, even if I fall asleep this second I will only get 8 hours and 9 minutes sleep, giving me the next 9 minutes to finish this post, pack a gym kit and hit the hay! Loretta makes a good point in her comment on my previous post in that; "Lack of sleep causes a rise in cortisol. Cortisol makes it extremely hard to lose weight." - Based on this I'm going to go to bed shortly and if when I wake up I really feel tired (let's say it takes me the next 2 hours to actually get to sleep). Then I'm not going to go. Hopefully I don't use this as a back up excuse if I just can't be bothered though!

I also have a plan to wake me up! I find that I'm a nightmare for waking up because I love my bed so much, I keep pressing snooze until I literally have to get up or I'll be late for work. However, I also know that if I splash water on my face, that's it - I'm definitely awake. So tonight I'm going to leave a wet flannel in a bowl on my bedside cabinet next to my alarm, then before hitting snooze, I'm going to wipe my face with it in the morning... which I think will stop me going back to sleep in case I do decide it's time to hit the gym (we shall see!).

Anywho, better dash if I want to stand a chance at getting enough sleep, so I'll leave you with my food summary:

Breakfast: Mullerlight
Lunch: Jacket potatoe with cheese & beans and a side salad
Dinner: Omlette with a small amount of reduced-fat cheese & 4 Quorn sausages
(seeing a pattern in my eating yet? :-p)


  1. I'll be making sure to reserve those potatoes tomorrow morning, will be walking to work going "4 potatoes, remember, 4 potatoes, reserve..."

    Here's to the rest of the week! \o/

  2. Ohhhh thank the lord I just found your blog!!

    First--TY for the comment love on my blog!

    Second-I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your writing style!

    And third--TY for a wonderful idea on how to get up in the morning! I really want to start working out before work but I also love my bed and am so tired and comfy that I struggle with it! I will try your idea tonight!

  3. Hiya, I don't like to read, follow then run away into cybr obscurity. I love the reason you are losing weight :) The surreptitious sweat wiping is probably the worst thing about being fat (in my opinion!) Slimming World is a great diet to follow - I love green days too :) Subscribing to your blog is definitely going to keep me motivated! Have a great day, Carly x

  4. I almost ran shrieking from the computer when I read about a wet face in the morning to wake up! LOL!! I would never survive that. :-D

    I am definitely NOT a morning person, and have trouble getting up, too. In fact I turn off the alarm when I am half asleep, and don't realize I did it til later, when I've overslept. So I had to get two alarms, and set them a couple of minutes apart. That finally helped.

    One other thing that works is to put the alarm across the room, so you can't reach the snooze button, but have to get up to shut the dumb thing off. But then, I suppose you could throw a book at it... LOL!

    You are doing so well with your lunch choices!

  5. Thanks Monica ^_^ I didn't actually know I had a writing style but I'll take that as a compliment :-p (Oh and by the way, the new 'alarm' works wonders! And thanks for the comment (and following) Carly! *nods* Pleased to see a fellow Green Day lover - Unfortunately where I live in Ireland at the moment there aren't any Slimming World clubs and I haven't actually done the diet in a good through years (and also object to paying the price of meeting membership for online-only access!), as such some of my syns & healthy extra's and such may be inaccurate on occasion, if you ever notice anything, do jump in and correct me, I'll appreciate it! ^_^

  6. few years* not.. through years >_>

    Hehe, I know the feeling Loretta - regarding multiple alarms, that's also something I used to do. I also tried to alarm-on-the-other-side-of-the-room trick but I ended up learning to sleep through it and waking up all my housemates instead! I think a flannel might be the way to go :-p