Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 16: These shifts are trying to kill me

Exhaustion strikes, again. I'm obviously just trying to do too much in a day but 24 hours really isn't enough when you spend 80% of those hours sleeping and working!

As soon as I got back from work today I cooked a big vegetable stir fry with Quorn sausages and then watched the final episode of True Blood, Series 3 as it came out yesterday in the US and I'm a very big fan (bit of a disappointing episode for the last one of the series though, don't you think? Let's hope next year rocks).

After that was over it was already coming up to midnight so I hit the blogs - I still hadn't got round to reading some of the blogs I regularly follow so made an effort to catch up on some this evening prior to making this post, which has been great as some of the posts have really been motivational. Unfortunately though, it's now 1am and I need to be awake in 7 and a half hours for work!

Thankfully, due to less than ideal finances, I won't be going out clubbing or anything of the sort this weekend and should be able to catch up on some much needed gym-time and resting, not to mention blogging, but for now I'm going to have to clock out before I pass out!

Breakfast: Nothing (overslept and had to run out the door)
Lunch: Jacket potato with 28g cheese & beans and a side salad
Dinner: Vegetable stir fry with 3x Quorn sausages

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