Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 23: Just popping through

It's just a very fleeting post today as real life has taken over a bit!

House was a complete state and I felt bad that my flat mate starts her weekend and tomorrow and was doing so in such a messy house so as soon as I got back from work I tidied and swept the kitchen, sorted the bins, did the washing up and then my laundry - By the time this was all finished it's taken me to 11:30pm. Normally this would be fine, however today my boss has asked me to prepare a presentation and I'd really like to put a decent amount of effort in to it so I want to immediately crack on with working on that tonight so it's ready quickly, as such I don't have time to post properly but just wanted to let you know where I was!

Today I've been relatively good, the only bad thing is that I haven't eaten enough. I woke up with no shopping in the house so skipped breakfast, had my usual lunch and haven't had time for dinner (due to the above chores) so I'm really slacking on keeping my metabolism awake - I get paid on Friday though and will do a big shop to stop this from happening again though very, very soon! Will likely be busy tomorrow evening with this presentation as well but I'm sure you understand, thinking of you!

Breakfast: Nothing
Lunch: Jacket potato with 28g cheese & bean and a side salad
Dinner: Nothing

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 22: That heavy feeling

I've got that heavy feeling again. You know the one you have after you know you've been naughty and just started being good again? Oh yeah, big time.

But I am back on track, today I missed breakfast because I don't actually have anything appropriate in the house to eat but I did have my usual Sunday Tuna baguette (because the jacket potato cafe is closed Sundays) and came home to a cheese omelette with Quorn sausages.

My first day back at work posts are always pretty boring because there's nothing to report other than "I'm being good again everyone, yay!" - I'm a tad worried about cash tomorrow as I'm now relying on my flatmate being able to pay some of the rent early (which she prefers to do generally as she gets paid weekly so it's easier for her to pay week by week). The problem is that I normally try not to rely on her early payments (as that's unfair), but this week I said I could only go out for her birthday on the condition that she'd be able to pay me a further 50 euros early, as otherwise I couldn't afford to go out.

Now it's looking like there's a possibility that she won't be able to do that, which means there's a possibility that I won't be eating, at all, for a few days. Looks like we could be losing weight faster than we thought, aye?! (Only joking, I know starvation isn't great as it stops your metabolism working... then again, I've never seen a fat anorexic! Ok I shouldn't joke about that, so I'll cross it out. All better!)

Off to bed for me now, I think an early night will do me good, sweet dreams!

Breakfast: Nothing
Lunch: Tuna salad baguette & a pack of Snack-a-Jacks
Dinner: Cheese omelette with 3x Quorn sausages

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 21: The good, the bad & the ugly

Well, the sabotage came, it saw and it conquered. Though while it may have won the battle, it has not won the war! For I am here, fresh as a daisy and posting an update.

The shenanigans that were contained within Day 20 (sabotage day) started with good intentions. Knowing I would later be drinking quite a lot, I started the day with a Mullerlight and for lunch had a chicken salad sandwich on Wholemeal bread (which is fine for a Slimming World red day, so at this stage, I hadn't done anything wrong). Knowing what happened last week when I went out drinking (the pizza the next day), I decided to try to prevent that by buying a microwavable panini, so that when I woke today with a hangover I could just throw that in the microwave and eat around 400 calories, rather than order a pizza that would have been closer to 2500 calories.

So it was all looking good, I had a chicken sandwich in my belly to cushion the alcohol blow, I had a hangover snack prepared in order to attempt damage control the next morning and when my friends cake was cut I even said no to that too. This was "the good".

Then the alcohol started. I had a fabulous night and danced a fair amount, not quite the dancing I aspire to be doing (the sweatless type), but nevertheless, I had fun. By the time I got home though I was really quite drunk (you know that point where you sit down and suddenly you're dizzy? Indeed). To make matters worse, I had uncontrollable munchies, so the panini was devoured then and there. Due to the state I was in by the time I got home, yesterdays blog post was also missed altogether (never a good sign). This was "the bad".

I woke up today hungover and paniniless, my judgement momentarily lapsed and before I knew it I'd forgotten to weigh in and had a pizza in front of me. This was "the ugly".

Now I weighed in sneakily a couple of days ago and I was on track to lose 4 or 5lbs this week, however given the panini and pizza this weekend I'm worried that I'll either stay the same, or worse, gain. A result like this will really knock me back and make me feel pretty negative for a few days which isn't going to help anyone, so I've made the decision not to weigh-in. This might sound like denial, but it's not. I'm not in denial, I accept that I've potentially gained, it's just that I also accept that ignorance as to whether this is a fact will be more beneficial with getting me back on track.

Thankfully that was the last social event that I had to go to in some time, the next one is in about 4 weeks now so I've got plenty of time without sabotage, to recover fully and knock out a good 15 to 20 pounds in losses if I play my cards right.

Of course, I'm now straight back on the plan. I'm disappointed that I've missed a post and a weigh-in however pleased that it should be smooth sailing for the next month. Let's get this weight moving again.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 19: Accepting the inevitable

It is inevitable that potential sabotage situations will crop up. My flat mates party tomorrow, my uncles wedding in 4 weeks, my grandmas family reunion/birthday in 6 weeks, Christmas in 14 weeks... you get the picture, stuff comes up. I can't realistically avoid these occasions, they're part of life. So I'm going tomorrow.

I'm going to the gym first thing in the morning, I'm going to have grapes for lunch and then.. well.. that might be all I eat as I don't want any stodge inside me that any alcohol can soak into later on. It's for the best, really.

Weigh-in is going to be a scary place on Saturday!

Breakfast: 2x Mullerlight
Lunch: Cheese omelette with 3x Quorn sausages
Dinner: 1x Mullerlight

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 18: When to face the weights

So, there's an incredibly hot guy on YouTube that you may have heard of called Scott Herman, he's a personal trainer, underwear and fitness model and is slowly becoming a minor celebrity with his online following - He has a site where you can buy customised diet plans and such but more importantly he has a huge, vast catalogue of YouTube videos with health and fitness advice and workout routines.

I personally follow his Facebook page so that I get updates whenever he posts a new video, and one he's just posted has really made me think. Check it out:

Wasn't that interesting? I've often been told by personal trainers, both during workouts and when I used to work at a gym (I worked in sales so didn't really need any real health and fitness knowledge, just good sales skills) that doing weights is actually really good for weight loss - but no-one ever said why. Now Scott has explained it, it really does make a lot of sense, so I hope you've learnt something as I certainly have!

Now we have a problem. I'm pretty scared about doing weights at the gym! I'm quite comfortable pushing myself to exhaustion with Cardio while all the meat-heads and muscle boys use the scary heavy things. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to get over it. I don't intend to get over it this weekend though as I'd like to lose a little bit more weight so I'm a tad more comfortable with my figure before I venture into the meat-head section of my gym, but... at least I know what I should be doing now.

Today was the last day of my working week and I have a new 3-day weekend ahead of me now - my flat mates birthday party on Friday is still a terrifying prospect as I really don't want to be sabotaged. I hope I stay strong but I also don't want to upset her by not joining in (as if I don't join in and get drunk, I guarantee you, she'll be pissed off) - we'll see how it goes.

I've been a little naughty today in that I seriously overslept and had to literally jump out of bed and run out the house, thus no breafkast, and to make matters worse I was too tired to cook dinner so ended up having a couple of Mullerlights - at least the weekend has finally arrived so I have time to workout, rest properly and cook now!

Maybe I'll look at the classes at the gym tomorrow and see whether they offer a group weights class like BodyPump? That should be less intimidating as it will involve a trainer, studio and music... I know they won't do BodyPump itself as they don't offer Les Mills classes which is unfortunate, but perhaps they have an equivalent that I could maybe think about doing... maybe...

Breakfast: Nothing
Lunch: Jacket potato with 28g cheese & beans and a side salad
Dinner: 2x Mullerlight

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 17: Why aren't I skinny yet, damn it!?

I know it's really early for comments like that, but this is my sanctuary and that's how I feel so I'm blogging about it!

I always find that when I'm successfully losing weight, I start daydreaming about how amazing it will be when I've lost X pounds and got to Y stage in my journey, then I start daydreaming about it too much and then I forget that I'm not actually there yet and get quite frustrated and disappointed when I get knocked out of my daydream and fall back down to reality!

We're two and a half weeks in, I've lost over 25 pounds and yet because of these consuming daydreams I'm actually disappointed with the speed of my loss - if it was any faster I'd probably be dying and yet I still want more! I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels like this and I'm sure once I get to the 2 to 3 month point in my diet, I will have finally accepted that this is actually a long, life-changing experience and I shouldn't expect miracles overnight, but while I'm waiting to reach that point I'd like to ask how did/do you guys deal with your own unrealistic expectations?

These feelings of disappointment are doing their very best to make me feeling guilty about my little weekend hiccup, planting seeds in my mind along the lines of "Well if only you hadn't have had those drinks and that pizza, perhaps you would be losing faster" which isn't making me feel all that great. I'm not fishing for "Don't be stupid you're doing amazing" comments here but just some genuine advice (if you have any) on how you tackle this negative thought process?

Anyway, I'll leave that question with you! I've finally got up to speed with my blogging, I may have missed a couple of posts from about 5 or 6 days ago, but any post from the people I follow that went up in the last 2 or 3 days has been read entirely and I feel much better now that I'm up to speed.

I was really naughty. I weighed myself yesterday when I shouldn't have - I was fully dressed, in jeans, it was half way through the day so I'd already eaten and the scales showed a gain of 2.2kg since weigh in. I know I shouldn't have done it but I kept waking up feeling heavy after the weekend and I needed to know if I was feeling heavy for a reason. I wish I didn't know now as it's confirmed the disappointment I was talking about.

To make matters worse, my flat mate is having her birthday party before my weigh-in this weekend at our place and then going out, she might kill me in my sleep if I don't go and the entire day is due to revolve around eating naughty food and drinking even naughtier drink. I don't know what I'm going to do. Perhaps send myself off to a nunnery and tell the nuns I've had a change of heart on the Sunday? That could work. All I know is I don't want to be disappointed through all of next week after another boozy blowout. C'est la vie I guess.

Breakfast: Nothing (Sorry! Overslept again, blame the blogs!)
Lunch: Jacket potato with 28g cheese & beans and a side salad
Dinner: Slimming World chips with 3x Quorn sausages and mushy peas

Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 16: These shifts are trying to kill me

Exhaustion strikes, again. I'm obviously just trying to do too much in a day but 24 hours really isn't enough when you spend 80% of those hours sleeping and working!

As soon as I got back from work today I cooked a big vegetable stir fry with Quorn sausages and then watched the final episode of True Blood, Series 3 as it came out yesterday in the US and I'm a very big fan (bit of a disappointing episode for the last one of the series though, don't you think? Let's hope next year rocks).

After that was over it was already coming up to midnight so I hit the blogs - I still hadn't got round to reading some of the blogs I regularly follow so made an effort to catch up on some this evening prior to making this post, which has been great as some of the posts have really been motivational. Unfortunately though, it's now 1am and I need to be awake in 7 and a half hours for work!

Thankfully, due to less than ideal finances, I won't be going out clubbing or anything of the sort this weekend and should be able to catch up on some much needed gym-time and resting, not to mention blogging, but for now I'm going to have to clock out before I pass out!

Breakfast: Nothing (overslept and had to run out the door)
Lunch: Jacket potato with 28g cheese & beans and a side salad
Dinner: Vegetable stir fry with 3x Quorn sausages