Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 5: Nothing tastes as good

Well, we no doubt all know the infamous Kate Moss motto, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" and I've seriously had to hold on to that today. Oh yes, it's the first day off work I've had since I restarted my journey and the challenges and choices flooded in thick and fast!

I woke up and went to collect my friend to go to the gym, we did a little shopping, she didn't have any gym shoes or clothes so we needed to kit her out before we could go, however on the way to the gym we realised we were both starving. This was good choice number 1. I recommended we go to Wagamama (a Japanese style restaurant that's so healthy their slogan is "Positive Eating, Positive Living") and I had a noodle & vegetable dish cooked on a gridle -Which is perfectly fine on my diet, excluding any small amount of oil they used on the gridle (however I did specifically request as little as possible if they were going to use oil). We then ordered dessert and I went for the low-fat frozen yoghurt with berries, this is a bit more of an issue but it was certainly the healthiest choice out of all the desserts.

So we went the gym, where I performed good choice number 2. My friend hadn't worked out in a while (As you've probably guessed from our need to buy her some gym gear) and really wanted to give up long before she should have, as she really was capable of pushing a little bit further, it was laziness telling her to stop and go to the jacuzzi, not physical inability. So after we'd done a bit of cross-trainer and used the rowing machine, rather than give in and take an early jacuzzi, I managed to keep us both motivated so that we doubled the row and even did another 15 minutes of the cross-trainer before we called it a day.

After the gym we went back to her house to make dinner for her, her boyfriend and myself. Good choice number 3. They had roasted vegetables with feta cheese, bacon and a pita bread, whilst this isn't the most unhealthy dish in the world it wouldn't have been allowed on Slimming World and would have broken my diet, so I just had the roasted vegetables and politely declined everything else! Then we decided we'd go back to mine for a few drinks and a chill out.

Good choice number 4. Rather than having beer or wine, which I really do love and could quite happily have drunk excessively, I recommended that we buy vodka and diet coke (as I can get away with a bit of vodka, it's only 2.5 syns per 25ml and I'm allowed around 10 syns a day). I was poured a large vodka and diet coke (around 2 shots so half the days syns) and then I made sure I made all my drinks after that and from that point onwards I secretly had the diet coke on it's own, so only drank 2 shots of vodka in total!

Finally, my housemate came home with one of our friends and they told me they were going out for a night on the tiles and absolutely insisted I went with them, but my first post from 5 days ago, Sweat, was inspired by nights out and the fact that I simply don't enjoy them because I'm overweight. I remembered this post and thought about all the negative results of going out (it would also have impacted tomorrows gym and diet, etc), and then I made good choice number 5. I didn't go with them. Instead my friends went home, my housemate went out clubbing and I went upstairs to write this blog post! Aren't you proud? I know you're proud. I'm quite proud too. ^_^

You know what's weird though? In spite of the numerous potential sabotage attempts I encountered today and all of my good choices, I still feel guilty for that small amount of vodka (which I'm actually allowed on this diet), the small amount of oil that will have been used for the vegetable and roasted veg (which I'm probably also allowed as I imagine it was no more than my 5 remaining syns) and the dessert (which to be honest, I can't justify).

All in all though I think today could have gone catastrophically, it could have really knocked me off the wagon and back to square one, had I have drank what I actually wanted to drink or chosen to go out no doubt the gym would be cancelled for both tomorrow and the day after and I'd be getting a full Irish breakfast at some stage tomorrow - however all of this has been avoided!

Let's hope I can survive the attacks in store for me tomorrow...

Finally, just for my reference, a quick food summary:

Breakfast - Mullerlight
Lunch - Yasai Yaki Soba & Soy Sauce, Low-Fat Frozen Yoghurt with Berries
Dinner - Roasted Vegetables
Naughty - 1x Vodka (approx 2 shots) & Diet Coke


  1. I like the saying "success breeds success." You made several successful choices today! And they will inspire you to keep doing that, and build your confidence... which will increase your strength and motivation to make even MORE successful choices. You are on your way!

    About daily blogging: you absolutely analyzed it correctly!! When I first started, I made that commitment to blog every single day, whether I felt like it or not. I did that for one solid year. And yes, it totally was a wonderful tool to force me to focus, when there were days I would rather have piled a plate high to the ceiling with food and vegged out watching fantasy on tv.

    So I highly recommend daily blogging, even if you only check in to tell how you felt about the day, about how you handled your emotions. Cuz it's not really about the food, right? It's about facing our stuff, not stuffing our face.

    I am FINALLY to the point of stepping outside of my comfort zone and pursuing my art more, so I am switching to blogging 4 days a week, and doing my art the other days. But I know it wouldn't have worked in the beginning.

    In the beginning, I needed to FOCUS on me, on this journey to health, on changing my thinking.

    I love what you said: you want to dance again! You will... just never quit. Never, never, never. And you will learn, and you will do this.


  2. Hey Loretta, first things first, *happy dance for the first comment on the blog*!

    Thanks for reading - At the moment it really is a conscious and forced effort to blog daily as I would prefer to blog when I'm inspired or have something interesting to share, but as you pointed out, it really is a good tool to use to focus and if you commit to doing it daily, at least even on the bad days you take that time to consider your actions for the day, which I imagine would help stop you slipping into a period of denial which can happen sooo easily when you start cheating and going off course in my experience.

    I love the sayings and quotes you post, "It's about facing our stuff, not stuffing our face", so true. I think messages like that can really help when making the choices like the ones I blogged about, looking forward to being introduced to more sayings and quotes in your posts! ^_^