Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 3: Motivation is in the air!

Of course it's far too early to really claim that I feel different, but I did start to notice today that I fit my clothes a little better, where as normally I'm uncomfortably exploding out of them. They're not loose as such, but just.. you know, more comfortable. In view of this, I mentioned to my housemate that I felt like the diet was working well, so she then suggested we check with the Wii Fit.

Now I know, I know. It's not really a good idea to get in to a habit of weighing yourself every other day due to natural fluctuations in weight that can lead to you being demotivated if the scales aren't smiling at you that day - and as a rule I weigh in weekly. Saying that, I was generally curious as to how I'd done by day 3, so I jumped on the scales regardless!

So ladies and gentlemen, after 3 days I have lost.... *drumroll* 3.5kg! Indeed, almost 8lbs, gone! Not to mention the fact that when I first weighed in I was wearing silk pyjamas, whereas today I was in jeans and a shirt, so my clothing was liking a pound or so heavier today as well. Whilst I acknowledge this fabulous loss is subject to change over the next few days, clearly there is a reason I've started to feel a little more comfortable!

Not only that, but I also finally got started today with proper Slimming World eating. For example, today I had the following:

Breakfast: Mullerlight
Snack: Alpen light bar
Lunch: Jacket potato w/beans & cheese with a side salad
Dinner: Home made Slimming World paprika chips with 3 Quorn sausages and mushy peas.

A fabulous green day even if I do say so myself, could perhaps have done with a little fruit as well for breakfast to wake up my metabolism but a Mullerlight is better than nothing!

Even more good news! A friend of mine from work is joining my gym on Thursday (which is the first day of my weekend) and will hopefully be working out with me this Thursday, Friday and Saturday which will be fantastic, and another friend from work is currently following the Slimming World diet, so I've introduced her to blogging and we get to talk recipes all day. Motivation is in the air!

In fact, motivation brings me to my final point. One of the well-established bloggers I follow, The Anti-Jared, has just posted his first blog challenge, the "All Losers" challenge and he's currently looking for participants so I'm hoping to get involved.

There are no prizes or scoreboards or anything like that, it's just designed to be a little boost for those that need it and I think it would be great to spur me on, particularly as I'm still at the beginning of my journey (which in my experience is where I have found it easiest to fall off the band wagon in the past). Fingers crossed that I get accepted as I imagine it would also be a good way to make some friends within the weight-loss blogger world and should help keep me on track while I'm still finding my feet.

I'm definitely feeling a lot more confident about this journey now and I think I've already started to find the attitude and motivation I was lacking a few days ago when I made my first post, can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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